2016 Popular Fashion Trends in Netherlands

2016 Popular Fashion Trends Netherlands

2016 Popular Fashion Trends Netherlands
Fashion trends are bound to change with every season, but what seems constant amidst this changing trend is the impeccable taste of the designers. That’s how they tend to create trends and of course an exclusive signature. As we are flipping through the pages of fashion trends in Netherlands, we came across these wonderful ideas that are going to rule this year. Well, some of them are also going to make a mark in the following years too.

1. Slow and subdued

Now that’s what is going to rule the fashion panorama of Netherlands in 2016. Over the past few years, the increasing focus of the fast-paced fashion has taken quite a toll on an emotional and artistic people. A subdued subtleness that’s being rolled out by the creative people of the country seems to achieve a soaring popularity in the next few years. For them, this is going to appease both designers and discerning consumers at the same time.

2. Loving your granny

Though nerdy glasses had already made a successful way into the mainstream fashion trends over the recent years, most women tend to ignore the fashion statement their grannies sport. However, this year, the grannies seem to have a significant effect on the fashion industry as the creative designers are all set to back with nerdy glasses and over the knee skirts in an all new wrap. So “granny chic” is going to be this year’s hottest trend. So, don’t get surprised if you see the street style is essentially dominated by pussy-bow blouses, colourful berets, and matching trouser suits emphasizing the waist line.

3. Techie Talks with 3D

A significant development in the field of technology seems to have a comprehensive effect on the fashion industry as well. 3D technology being the talk of the town recently, a lot of designers is using it as their signature design trend in the current year. This has also led to the steady rise of 3D printing. However, in the recent past, 3D printed dresses was something associated with (and of course, limited to) the catwalk, but with a booming popularity, a number of designers are experimenting with 3D production for the everyday fashion as well. Keeping the consumer panorama in mind, a large number of 3D printed dresses, shoes and jewelry are being designed. No wonder the current year has seen a wardrobe revolution with a series of tech dresses.

There’s been no doubt that the kids fashion trends in Netherlands are going to face a significant change in the recent years. However, the immaculate taste seems to rule the world for sure. Check out toys, clothes, sports equipment for your kids at Enjoy Speelgoed.

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