5 Most Popular Plants for Home Garden

Most Popular Plants Home Garden

Not every garden plant that looks gorgeous is great. Some of the most beautiful garden plants are the dangerous ones. Some may bring unwanted insects to your home, and this is something you do not want to happen. If you have been having problems finding suitable plants for your garden, we have a solution for you. We went ahead and did research on plants that you can grow for your home garden and have no problems. Check these five most common plants for a home garden.


Geraniums Plants Home Garden

If you want to grow a plant that grows up to six inches, then Geraniums are your option. They have buds that are rich in nectar. This is the type of plant you would not want to miss having in your garden because it blooms from the start of the spring until late or end of autumn. Not only are geraniums common, but they are also colorful, easy to grow and can add a light aroma to the home. If you are searching for a shrub that can add an incredible smell to your home, then geraniums are your choice.


Sunflowers plants Home Garden

Sunflowers are also known as Helianthus. Sunflower is the most attractive plant I have ever come across. I have known it since I was young and it is the best you can grow in your home garden. Some sunflowers can even grow up to 10Ft. tall. You may find them useful especially if you are interested in brightening up your garden in the summer season. Though they grow on any soil, they need the sun. This only means that when growing sunflowers, ensure the there is the sun at that location.

Sweet pepper

Sweet pepper plants

Sweet peppers are also called bell peppers. They are not only good for your garden, but you can use them to spice up your food. They are of many shapes and sizes and are easy to grow. Pepper performs well in regions with a long, hot growing season. Ripe peppers can add color to the exterior of your home. However, you need to be careful when handling this plant, especially with your eyes.


Daffodil plant garden

The Daffodil plant is also known as Narcissus. If you need to grow flowers in your garden that are manageable and popular, then think about Daffodil. When you grow lots of narcissus in your home garden, they add a lovely sight that comes with several colors. The colors can vary from pink and white to yellow. You can achieve maximum effect if you grow them in bold drifts produced naturally in the grass. They perform well when planted in a home garden location where the soil drains well. Further more, this plant requires little care.


Cilantro plants garden

You do not need to grow plants that are only for beautifying your garden all the time. Sometimes you need to include edibles like Cilantro. This is a tap-rooted annual plant, and it comes with tender leaves that are necessary for giving flavor to gazpacho. Cilantro is one of the easiest plants to grow that commonly grown by gardeners. It grows and blooms quickly. If you are in a region that has the hottest climate, then you will need to provide light shade to these plants once you grow them.

You may have noticed one common characteristic in our list of the most popular plants for home garden: they are all easy to grow. Perhaps that is why many gardeners prefer them to other plants. Whether you are starting gardening or have been doing it for years, these attractive flowers will add value to your home. They will not only brighten up your home, but some of them like cucumber are edible.

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