5 Place Where Horror Background Music is Used

Horror Background Music

Horror Background Music

We know well that scary or horror music is being used for scare us. A good horror music tunes up terrified expectations to the max. Following are five categories where horror background music is used.

1. Movies – What was the last horror movie you saw that scared the crap out of you? Scary music is always snowing in the film. Moviemakers know us better than we know ourselves. They use psychological trick for scare us with these kind of music. As background score is the key element of horror movie. The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Blair Witch Project, Scary Movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street are some best horror films.

2. Fashion Show – Hot models, Horror background music and 3d lights make the fashion show beautiful and full entertaining in the dim visibility. Fashion designer chooses the music according to their fashion theme and style. A great horror sound can make your event successful and memorable.

3. Halloween – Halloween is time for fun. People organize community event, parties and enjoy the Halloween with scary music, horrible gesture and costumes. Horror background music also takes the place here.

4. Games – Different types of music are used in games and a scary sound is one of them. Writing music for games is an entirely different thing than just writing music. Playing music in the background while gaming is a tricky proposition; A great way to create horror is by distorting something that is considered familiar to game action. Horror music takes the games in the next level. Most common categories where horror music is used in the games – adventure, action, arcade and role playing.

5. Haunted House – Another place where you will listen horror music “Haunted House”. You can find beautiful haunted house with laser lights and beautiful, scary music.

Horror sound effect are added for entertainment, create terror and fear. If you want to scare someone, use scary music. Need lots of Horror Music plus some scary sound effects check out our Royalty Free Horror Music store.

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