7 Most Popular Jewelry Trends for 2016

Layering necklaces 1. Layering necklaces: Layering style necklaces are a worthwhile addition to the jewellery collection. Many in the industry have already debuted new SKUs in Las Vegas this year. These necklaces can be single layered or multi-strand.

Platinum Diamond jewelry2. Platinum and Diamond: Platinum and diamond jewellery represent an enriched taste of sense and style. Owing to its radiance and elegance weddings this year are expected to feature more of platinum and diamond jewellery.
Hand Bracelets jewelry3. Hand Bracelets: Unlike traditional bracelets, full bracelets are in trend this year. Full bracelets cover the whole hand making them once of the hottest for 2016 year.
Big gemstones and crystals jewelry4. Big gemstones and crystals: Big gemstones and crystals of different kinds and colors are largest being used in jewellery. And it is most likely to be hot favorite jewellery forever.
Pendant Earrings jewelry5. Pendant Earrings: As short earrings are not in rage, these are more emphasis on pendant earrings. Pendant Earrings are getting popular as they are long enough to reach the shoulders.


Metal-Intense statement cuffs jewelry6. Metal-Intense statement cuffs: Nothing makes a more iconic statement than metal intense statement cuffs. Due to its metallic build, designers can get artful and creative with carved effects, finishes, textures and volume.
Pears and Beads jewelry7. Pears and Beads: The use of pearls and beads adds elegance to any attire. Pearls and beads are the big expected trend for 2016, as they can based in pendants, bracelets, earnings and necklaces.

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