Best Guide to Basic Hair Care Routine for Men

hair care guide men

hair care guide men

Today we can find a lot of interesting articles about hair styling, special care products, and some new stuff that will change your daily routine completely.  But, it is harder and harder to find some basic hair care tips, for those, who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on his hair.  Still, every person desires to have beautiful and healthy shag with less effort. We have asked best barbers in new york about basic hair care problems and ways to fight them. Let`s start and see what we have got!

#1 Shampooing

Two most widespread questions about hair are ‘How often should I wash my hair?’ and ‘How to choose an appropriate shampoo?’. Well, the answers are really simple! You should wash your hair when it is dirty, i.e. oily, maybe with some flakes or even itching. Two times in a week is considered to be a standard for men. If you have an oily hair, it should be three-four times. To define your shampoo type, all you need is to read what is written on the bottle. There are a special shampoos for damaged, dry, oily and normal hair. Look at your locks, how do they look? Can you see a lot of split ends and frizzies? Look deeper and you will see the answer.

#2 Conditioner: yes or no

We say absolute yes to conditioners. You are to use conditioner every time you wash your hair, in other case it will become dry, nasty and impossible to style. The keyword here is dry because, you know, who wants to have hay on your head, instead of hair, though it sounds similar. The exception is an oily hair. If you have very oily hair and scalp, you can alternate conditioning and simple shampoo your hair.

#3 Hair cutting

“How often should I cut my hair?” – this question takes the second place after “shampooing” question among men. If you want to keep nice look of your hair, especially if you prefer highly fashioned haircuts, you are to visit your barber once in three-four weeks. It will be enough.

Now you know what best barbers in new york say about men`s hair care routine. Follow these simple pieces of advice and be proud of your gorgeous hair.

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