Eggless Cakes which You Must Try This Festive Season

only eggless cake recipe

We all love spongy and tender crumbs of the cakes. If you want the best cake all you need to do is choose the right ingredients and marry it to the right flavours. Nothing beats the pleasure of relishing the most delectable cakes. The problem stems when you have to look for an eggless cakes. For all the cake lovers, if you find it hard to take out time to bake one eggless cake for yourself, it is best for you to go for eggless sponge cake online where all you need to do is just place the order with a simple click of the mouse. In this blog post we have listed down some of the best eggless cakes that you should try before you die.

Eggless Atta Cake

Eggless Atta CakeIf your are the one who does not like the intake a lot of calories, then you should go for this eggless atta cakes, the flavour of which is enhanced by cinnamon, making it an ideal treat for you to be relished.



Eggless Marble Cakes

Eggless Marble CakesIf you are a lover of both vanilla and chocolate streaks, then this marble cake is for you. It is the perfect tea time treat which can be enjoyed by people of all age group.



Eggless Almond and Cashew Nut Cakes

Eggless Almond and Cashew Nut CakesThis cake is both spongy and moist and is baked using the most premium quality of dry fruits, almonds and cashews.You can replace the eggs with it using white flour or wheat flour. You can dress it up with a rich cup of cocoa and will be a perfect dessert to be served this Christmas season.



Eggless Pineapple Pastry

Eggless Pineapple PastryFor all the non-chocolate lovers, pineapple cakes are an ideal treat for the taste buds. It is quite beautifully layers with pineapple and cream. The subtle flavour of the pineapple flavour will definitely keep you hooked for the season.



Eggless Date Cakes

Eggless Date CakesChristmas is around the corner and you are scrambling hard to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Go for the eggless Date cakes which is not only quite relishing for your taste buds but at the same time will make the celebration a memorable one for a lifetime.


Baking cake is not so easy, so you can go for eggless cake online delivery which will not only save your time but will also allow you to re-connect with your friends and family and spend a gala time with them.

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