How are Alkaline Water Machines Compared?

alkaline water machines comparison

Anyone doing water ionizer comparisons should compare only “apples-to-apples”! When looking at water ionizer comparison videos, it’s important to compare only those water ionizers tested at the same location and time. And remember that although a water ionizer may compare favorably for one set of tests, you should attempt to view several tests measuring numerous qualities of the machine before making a final decision.

I understand that not everyone has the time and patience to individually test every single water ionizer on the market. This chart is my effort to leverage my 2 decades of experience with water ionizers to provide consumers with a simple comparison chart to find the machine that best matches their criteria. Short of testing every single feature, there is a good rule of thumb regarding the quality of water alkalizers – the higher quality machines have the better cleaning systems. I describe my findings regarding automatic cleaning systems below.

Finding a Superior Water Ionizer

alkaline water machines comparison

Alkaline Water Machines Comparison

The most important factor to consider when comparing water ionizers is the healthiness of the ionized drinking water. In the chart above, points #15 & 18, I have placed greater emphasis on the water ionizer in each set of tests that was able to produce the highest ORP per unit of pH and declared that water ionizer the best for that series of tests. I did this comparison using level 3 [or that water ionizer’s 9.5 pH level] to demonstrate the ORP results for the most popular and common drinking level of ionized water. The strong acid and alkaline by-products of the water ionization are non-drinkable, and though they are great features, only you can decide if these should be the determining factors in your final purchase, or whether factors such as price and ORP level take precedence.

Testing and Comparing pH and ORP

The most important factor to consider when comparing water ionizers is the pH and ORP [antioxidant] levels for each machine at the appropriate settings for frequent drinking. It is both through testing and looking at the whole design of the water ionizer that will help make this comparison. You can find this in the chart at point #18. The ionizer with the best overall design will allow that water ionizer to get better pH and ORP in comparison tests. The only way to do this is through side-by-side comparisons,

First consider how strongly the water ionizer can ionize [#16-17]. Keep in mind that one only needs the pH to range from about 3 to 11 for all purposes, and from about 8.5 to 9.5 for drinking purposes. Then look at the ORP per unit of pH the water ionizer is able to produce — the more negative ORP the better [#18]. Focus on the drinking-levels of pH for your ORP [antioxidant] readings.

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