Identity Guard Reviews 2016

Identity Guard Review online

Identity Guard Review online

As an identity theft protection service Identity Guard was launched 20 years back. During its initial days, the service was used by the customers of major financial institutions, though in recent times, identity guard has come out an exceptional opportunity for the individuals too, who are being scared of the credit card frauds in the recent times. As a protection service, Identity Guard has come off its age and provides a comprehensive protection of identity theft‚ improves privacy, and consumer solutions, thus leading to the extensive satisfaction of its customer base.

The advantage

With a successful period of 20 years, Identity Guard has already become a household name in the recent times. In addition to provide identity protection, this service is also available to the leading companies looking to provide white-label identity protection for their customers. This kind of service calls for huge discounts by the reselling company.

When commercial enterprises use Identity Guard’s white-label products, they can usually do so at a discounted price. Among the leading names of the enterprises using white label products from Identity Guard, mention must be made of Costco, Discover, Bank of America, and more.

Identity Guard offers individual consumers three packages, according to their respective features. Identity Guard Essentials available at $9.99, Identity Guard Total Protection available at $19.9, and Identity Guard Platinum, available at $24.99.

What’s more interesting is that, each of these packages of Identity Guard is available for a free 30-day trial period. So, the users can easily use them all, in order to evaluate the best suitable service based on his requirement. Here’s a list of the features that the service is offering:

• Anti-key logging software
• Monitoring alerts
• Lost wallet protection
• Kid’s identity protection
• Mobile apps features
• Reimbursement plans

Identity Guard offers online protection on the web. Also it protects your documents sables in the mobile phones, when downloaded via app. Though a refund policy is in operation in Identity Guard, it’s not highly beneficial. Also, there’s no mention of annual pricing and the rebate plans in the Identity Guard, which makes it difficult to calculate the price, the user has to pay. You can read more Identity Guard review and customer reports online.

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