Makeup and Professionalism – How Does Workplace Sexism Affect Your Business?

Makeup and Professionalism

Contrary to popular belief, sexism at the workplace is still very much alive, especially around women. It looks like nobody has a problem with men’s attire in the office. But for some reason, women are often being told what to wear. Surprisingly, they’re blamed for dressing too boring and unappealing. In some companies, CEOs and managers demand their female employees to wear heels and make-up. In other circumstances, women have declared that the men in their companies are way too persistent when looking at them, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Dress code at the workplace

Every company should have a dress code. It usually depends on what your company does. In real estate, for example, it’s mandatory for both men and women to wear suits that convey a sense of professionalism and commitment. The exact same rule applies in venture capitalism, sales, marketing, etc. But there’s no rule to oblige women to wear make-up or heels in the office.

Dress code at the workplace

The key to exuding professionalism is all about being well-groomed. Clean hair tied in a ponytail or bun, decent nails, discreet accessories, and comfortable but stylish shoes are all women need to make themselves stand out.

Why heels in the office are not recommended

Wearing high heels at work is uncomfortable. If you’re used to wearing them, then it’s unhealthy. In some circumstances, high heels can give the wrong impression. The men in the company may begin discriminating you; they can imply that you’ve only got the job for your looks. It’s best to avoid stiletto shoes and high-heel sandals. Revealing your legs doesn’t convey professionalism. Every company has its own rules when it comes to a workplace dress code. It’s best to abide by the rules to prevent sexism accusations.

A lot of business women are harassed at work, whether directly or indirectly. Some of them are not willing to shut up, and choose to report such misconducts. Sadly, most women don’t say anything to their superiors because they don’t want to lose their jobs.


How to convey professionalism at the office

Today’s business environment is still dominated by men. No matter how hard they try, women can’t always seem to fit in. They’re too emotional and they get attached too easily. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re weak. The key to looking professionally at work is to let your personality shine through. Prove that you know what you’re talking about without using too much of your looks.

Character, willpower and determination are key ingredients that make up a successful business woman. As an entrepreneur, it’s very important to allow the women in your company to express their thoughts freely. Listen to their needs and wants, and do your best to fix small issues before they become severe problems that might affect your business mantra.

Business dress code

Business owners should impose a dress code

Men and women can work very well together provided there’s communication between them. Don’t allow your male employees to undermine or overshadow female employees. Equality should prevail for your company to thrive. Nude makeup, proper attire, and the right attitude key aspects that will transform a beautiful women into a competent employee.

Unlike men, women have a lot more empathy. They can relate to a client on a more personal level without sending any wrong signals. Sexism may occur in a business environment that doesn’t exude professionalism. You can’t let that affect your productivity. Listen to female employees and find a way to make ends meet. Stop a conflict before it comes a weak link into your company.

Today’s business woman is strong, beautiful, smart, and determined. She should be able to handle any situation at work, regardless of its nature. Looking well-groomed is all about dressing the part. But it’s also about playing the part. Reward their efforts without crossing the line. Corporate weekly vouchers to the salon where they can try out the latest professional IPL machines, or manicure & pedicure sessions will make them happier; and they’ll do their jobs with a lot more enthusiasm too.

Clothes and makeup go hand in hand with professionalism in the world of business. For your company to thrive, set some clear rules from the very beginning to make sure everyone get along well.

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