Men’s Guide to Avoiding Bad Haircut Experience

hair cut 2016

hair cut 2016

Bad haircut experience is something every man has ever been faced to. It’s not surprisingly that everyone want to avoid it in the future. For this reason we prepared a list of tips on how to avoid bad haircut experience.

  1. Choose suitable haircut

You have to know what you want before making an appointment. It can be a simple trim or a big change of your hairstyle, and this is when you should think. Choice of a haircut is a difficult process, but there are easy ways to do it. Look around for inspiration, surf internet, check fashion web-sites, and narrow down your preferences to 2-3 haircuts.

  1. Consult a professional

Next thing you should do is to consult barbers at best barber shops in manhattan. These people are professionals who know everything about hair and can give you a good piece of advice. Show them pictures of haircuts you liked the most, and they will help to choose the one that suits you best.

bad hair cut

  1. Give clear descriptions

Even the barbers at best barber shops in manhattan can’t read minds of their clients; although, it would be definitely cool. Your task as a client is to provide your barber with the most detailed descriptions of a preferred haircut. You can even bring a photo if you feel like you won’t be able to explain everything well.

  1. Pay attention in chair

Some people just love to relax in their barber’s chair and think their own thoughts. It’s great if you trust your barber so much, but sometimes things can go wrong. You should always pay attention to what’s going on in the mirror, so you can stop your barber from making mistakes at early stages.

  1. Give honest feedback

You should never be shy to tell that you don’t like your haircut. Even if your barber didn’t understand you correctly, he must be always willing to fix a mistake and make his client want to come back. Don’t be afraid to speak up but make sure you do it barber shops in manhattan

  1. Don’t cut it yourself

Bad haircut experience can be prevented if you do not make any experiments yourself at home. Some mistakes are impossible to fix even by a professional barber after all. So, even if it’s something super easy, just don’t risk.

These easy tips can prevent you from making awful mistakes, so use them and enjoy amazing haircut.

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