What security issues should I consider before moving in a house?

Home Security Issues

Home Security Issues

Home Security Issues

The growing threats of burglary and theft have made home security concerns prior to any part of the country. Be it a metropolitan or a suburban area, security threats has already been an issue. So, before you move to the new house, it’s important to check its security features, which ensure that your life and property will be absolutely safe. Here are some of the ideas that ensure the security efficacy of the new place.

1. Make sure that the entrance, (front and back doors) is appropriately secured with double cylinder dead bolts. It will help preventing the doors from being unlocked from the inside if glass in the door or window next to it is broken. In fact, no one can break into it by applying force.

2. Check if the glass windows fitted in the doors have security window film. This helps in preventing the smash and grab intruder and burglars from outside. Many a times, the protected film is applied in advance, but if it’s not check if there’s any provision for it. In that case, you can get it done all by yourself. The security film works as a wonderful deterrent, even if the glass windows are broken. Security films can also be applied at the basement windows.

3. There should be a robust suite of security buttons in the lower main floor windows in order to prevent the lift off of the windows from the track. You can also fit security buttons right at the top and bottom of windows, which reinforces the security features.

4. There should be double locked security buttons in the basement, in order to safeguard it from unwanted entry. However, you also need to avoid accumulating the belongings just under another window as it gives foothold for unwanted entry.

5. Porch lighting and garage security lighting should be taken care of with extreme importance. It’s better to check if any motion sensors are already activated there. Motion sensors work as an awesome deterrents for illuminating areas of possible entry.

6. Garden lighting should be automatic and not manual. The system, when attached to a timer can work wonder. By simply shutting them off at a reasonable hour helps in darkening the areas of enticement.
7. Last, but not the least, check out if the new place, where you are planning to move has CCTV camera already fitted into it.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s a guide to help you make a checklist before you are planning to move.

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