Top 3 Celebrities Who Mastered the Art If Perfectly Blonde Air

Thousands of articles were written about blonde hair and their beautiful and famous owners. Famous Hollywood stars love light locks and invented hundreds of different ways to style it. Long and short, thick and thin, heavy and layered all kinds of haircuts are present in Hollywood world. Our beautiful celebrities can wear any cut and color shade and look attractive, but let’s look at them and make it sure once more time. Check out our top 3 famous blondes that strike everybody around over and over.

Evan Rachel Wood played

# 1 Evan Rachel Wood

Glamorous, sparkling, fabulous it is all about Evan Rachel Wood and her light strands. She is the best representative of old – school Hollywood glam. She prefers to wear huge curls with deep side part and a little sparkle. Such haircut fits perfectly for some late dinner in chic restaurant with a lovely boyfriend or husband.

Christina Hendricks# 2 Christina Hendricks
Sweet blonde hair amazingly completes her stunning curves. Though, some consider this shade to be typical, boring and too bright, we could not but mention that Christina Hendricks looks spectacular with her middle length blonde cut. She prefers to make tight and bouncy curls that underline her cheekbones and charming eyes.

Adele new song# 3 Adele
There are no possible epithets or adjectives which can describe how talented Adele is. And if person is talented, she is talented in everything, including hairstyling. Adele sticks to light, blonde medium length hair and got right into aim. This color shade fits perfectly to her angel voice that drives everybody crazy. It is a unique haircut that reflects Adele’s inner state and shows her personality to the whole world.

Do you want now to become a blonde? If still not, then read our article once more time. Or, you can make your own list of “perfect blonde hair” and ensure that being a blonde haired woman is wonderful. A little bit of light and speckle is always good in our life.

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